Child Safety Program Presented at Glen Dale Elementary

Front row from left: Kindergarten students Kacey Thames, Dalton Lucas, Claire Hensley and Lauren McGraw. Back row from left: Glen Dale Police Chief Ed Vogler, Cosmo and Mr. Mike.

Creative Safety Products and the City of Glen Dale partnered Monday to present the “Officer Phil Safety Program” at Glen Dale Elementary School.

Students in kindergarten through 4th grade were not only informed but entertained by Mr. Mike about the importance of positive behavior such as honesty, friendship and being a buddy not a bully. Mr. Mike used puppet characters Cosmo and Turbo the Turtle along with magic during the 30 minute interactive assembly to keep the students engaged.

Lessons about being the best person they can, in addition to being good, smart and safe will be reinforced in each classroom.  Mr. Mike gave every teacher grade appropriate workbooks to do follow-up activities both at school and home.

The main objective of the program, since its inception in 1975, is to educate students about a variety of safety aspects such as stranger danger, the negative effects of bullying and what to do in an emergency.